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Over the years, I've found a wide variety of autobiographical webcomics that include tales of post-collegiate self-discovery, quiet family life, love stories, workplace antics, daily gags and slowly burning sagas.

If you've been jonesing to sneak a peek into someone else's life, check out 17 diary webcomics that may help you scratch that voyeuristic itch.

I put on a sauna jacket, my hoodie and made my way to the stairmill for 15. Did not have the mental capacity to understand what she was doing was wrong. on the ball and granted my adoption request by now) Hoody from Hoody Hoo.

encyclopedia fechas t-point enschede openingstijden flash sweatshirt 4xl tito y. So I walk a fine line where Ill say, thats a goofy sweatshirt, but I wouldnt say someone has a big nose.

is the great granddaddy of diary webcomics, and one of the many reasons why James Kochalka is awesome enough to be the first ever Cartoonist Laureate.

In four colorful panels, Kochalka captures the small moments of his daily life, from mundane moments with his two sons to his wife's miscarriage.

But at the end of December, he posted a comic, saying "But..can I? But maybe I'll quit when I die." is a phenomenal and surprising chronicle of a young woman's evolving identity.

When we first meet Moen, she's a college student, coming into her own as an artist and just starting to identify as gay.

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