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While with any sexual encounter, both parties run the risk of STDs, the distribution of total risk is lopsided as women alone bear the brunt of near indelible socio-cultural damage to their reputations, and consequently, their quality of life.In life, and in business, we are all familiar and accepting of the idea that whomever takes on more risk should be rewarded with greater compensation.Men were twice as active, with 87% dating within the first year versus 44% of the women.*Previous data released from the study included:* 60% of the participants (68% female, 50% male) admitted using the Internet and background checking websites to research dates; and* 76% of the respondents have used texts, emails or websites to socially communicate.Sex is the most impolite of topics, especially in these parts, and the fundamental idea that trading sex for money, goods, services, or benefits is abhorrent is one that we have always held dear as a society…Transactional sex has existed since the dawn of human civilization, and has always been an established feature of all of Nigeria’s hundreds of cultures, from karuwai and ‘yan dauda in northern Nigeria, to a multitude of southern Nigerian ethnicities, all of whom engaged openly in prostitution until it fell out of favour following the colonization of our country.Fast forward to 2017, and Nigerian women are still being constantly told to “know their worth” and not to “cheapen” themselves by engaging in sexual activity with men, implying that their sexuality is valuable.It’s a more traditional layout, offering tabbed navigational controls, for both the inbox and larger whole.

In terms of raw interface, we have to admit that BN Dating is pretty solid.That’s very steep, especially considering there are other alternatives on the market that are cheaper—or even free.That being said, the app is a decent way to go, and will likely land you results.It won’t blow your mind, but it will get the job done.And at the end of the day, that’s really all you can ask for!

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