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However simple or complex, it’s just a trigger for your hand and your brain, and once it’s practiced enough, an idea is sure to follow.

Last Saturday I spoke at Sketch Camp here in Chicago, which is a yearly event focused on…what else? Well to be more specific, there were all sorts of workshops on the ways and reasons to draw.

China has nearly three decades consecutive double-digit growth, the biggest foreign exchange reserves, largest consumer market and world’s favourite destination for FDI (foreign direct investments). So,you should learn Chinese for business for your business. Travel/Tour China is the fourth most visited countries in the world with 49.6 million inbound international visitors in 2006.

The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City in Beijing, Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, fairyland of Jiuzhaigou and panda reserve in Sichuan, are just some of the mysterious oriental exotic destinations worth your exploration in China. Order Your Favourite Chinese Food in Mandarin language Menus in Chinese restaurants are generally written in Chinese language, and you might not get a menu with picture of the dishes.

First we had to get past the fear of the blank paper, and how important (and hard! This is one of my favorite questions to ask creative people, in fact.

For Kate Bingaman-Burt, it’s to draw something she bought that day. For a long time for me it was to doodle an ampersand or two.

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