Chelsea dating louie

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Over the past few years, she has developed her reputation as a fashion blogger by launching The Trend Pear with her best friend Max Hurd.The site covers fashion, travel and lifestyle tips from the male and female perspective.On the about site, the pair reveal that they write in this way in order to break down gender norms in fashion.

From her long list of writing credits and stand up performances, to her truly unique social media presence and Feral Audio podcast (yes, podcasts are still cool!

But aside from her relationship with Louis, Eleanor has carved out a career that's all her own - dominating social media sites with her fashion expertise. Eleanor Calder is a 25-year-old British fashion blogger, model and stylist.

She studied at the University of Manchester and graduated with a degree in politics and sociology.

I never did anything to him.” Eleanor was pictured back at LAX without Louis a few days after the incident and covered her face with a baseball cap as she made her way through the airport.

Louis was set to find out if he faces charges over the altercation with the case being heard at LAX courthouse in March but the hearing was delayed until the end of April.

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