Dating advise why wont he ask me out

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And don’t feel like an idiot for hooking up with him.

But if you’re going to feel that way if a similar scenario arises in the future, maybe wait till you’re sure that both of you are looking for the same thing before you jump into the sex. He recently moved 2 hours away and it’s forced the hard talks we’ve put off and he’s decided apologetically that he definitely doesn’t want to have children, but still wants a life together.

I think it’s time to have some frank conversations about the future of your relationship.

Isaac Hindin-Miller is an expat Kiwi and the writer behind Isaac Likes, a blog that highlights his personal style, anecdotes, travels, celebrity interviews and tell-it-like-it-is relationship advice.

Sure, he might change his mind at some point down the track, but what if he doesn’t?My boyfriend and I have an incredible relationship, to the point where I have to pinch myself. This is a huge deal breaker as i’ve always seen myself as a mother. I’m wondering if this is ever a conversation between men…I don’t want to convince someone to be a father and he said he may “down the line” be open to it, but is that just a line to make me feel better? Sounds like everything is perfect between you two except for that one little thing; the problem being that this one little thing is kind of the be-all end-all of your relationship.Still together after 4 years, still best friends, fight so rarely that I don’t think it’s even happened in a year, and still very much in love. Said boyfriend and I had both began the relationship knowing marriage wasn’t an interest of ours, but we had spoken very rarely in a “maybe us someday” way in regards to children, never delving too deep into it out of…whatever reason. Nobody likes talking about the serious stuff early on.He said, “Sure,” you guys hung out again, and of course he offered to let you stay over — not because he’s a gentleman, but because he thought there might be another opportunity to have sex.If he’d wanted to keep things going, he would have. The ball is no longer in the court, the ball is gone.

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