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He transferred the first to Iraq and the others to Samarkand, a city that became a great paper-manufacturing centre throughout the Middle Ages before the techniques spread to Europe (Boulnois 1994 : 29-30; Hambis 1964 : 782-785). In China, they could have used the bark of they are historically confirmed by texts and located by archaeological finds –, we cannot tell in what period they arrived and how they arrived in one site or another.Nowadays, genetics will connect isolated points provided by archaeology.Cependant, il est beaucoup plus difficile d’identifier les chemins par lesquels plantes et animaux se sont diffusés, les routes empruntées et par quels moyens ils sont arrivés dans un lieu ou un autre, qui les a apportés là ou les a diffusés.De nombreuses incertitudes subsistent encore pour les plus importants et les plus prestigieux.

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Ziyad took many people as prisoners; among them were Chinese silk-weavers and paper-workers.Nous ne prétendons pas résoudre toutes ces questions mais nous présenterons ce qui est connu aujourd’hui sur quelques plantes et animaux majeurs, tout particulièrement les asiatiques arrivés dans le bassin méditerranéen et, à l’inverse, ceux d’origine méditerranéenne et qui ont été diffusés en Extrême-Orient.However, it is much harder to identify the way through which plants and animals were distributed, by what roads and what means they arrived at one place or another, who brought them and who diffused them and why.We cannot claim to resolve them, but we will present what is known to date.In the old Eurasian world, three major centres of origin and domestication are known : in the Middle East, the area called the Fertile Crescent; in China, the Yang Tse Kiang valley; and in Pakistan, the Indus Valley.

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