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Apart from a £45 registration fee, flights, accommodation, meals and activities will be fully funded by the ERASMUS programme (though you'll want to bring some spending money for souvenirs and drinks).

The official language for all activities will be English, so knowledge of Norwegian is not required.

Are people with Albinism protected from this condition? Why does the retina lose function late in older animals with Albinism, but apparently not in humans?

Albinism Fellowship is looking for 3 representatives to attend the next pan-European 'Young People with Albinism' (YPA) event, which will take place from Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11h March 2018 in Oslo, Norway.

(But it will be more difficult) The review of PPI was completed in early 2014 and all customers that were sold a PPI poilcy by one of the banks in the review should have received a letter about the policy.

Details of the results of the PPI Review Here If you took out a loan, a mortgage or got a credit card or an overdraft you were probably offered or sold an insurance policy to cover some or all of the the repayments if you lost your job or got sick.

However if you do want to practice another European language, there will almost certainly be someone there who speaks it!

Successful applicants will be contacted by Friday 3rd November and will need to pay the registration fee of 45 by Paypal by Friday 10th November, If payment is not received by this date, the place will be reallocated.

Original Artice From 2014 – Updated in 2017 to take account of legislation changes.If you have had very large loans or credit card balances – the PPI payments could be thousands of Euro.In the UK – consumers have already claimed back over £24 billion – (late 2016) and there are thousands more refund claims in the pipeline.So – if you were told in 2002 that PPI was compulsory – but did not find out until 2014 that it wasn’t – then you can now make a complaint.More about this Change to the 6 Year Limit here You can download Ombudsman complaint form HERE Make an Online Complaint Here FSO Contact details : Telephone 1890882090 or email. The Small Claims Court may also be an option – we know of at least one successful case taken against PTSB for misselling of PPI.

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