Is mark from dancing with the stars still dating pia

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There you go."He then admitted that he feels very protective when it comes to the Olympic gymnast. That's what I love." He continues, "So you watch it for two hours and they win a gold medal and you say 'yay,' but you really don't get to appreciate the 16 years of work that this girl has put into it day in and day out."This week's theme was "The Best Year of My Life." Aly chose to highlight 2012 — when she and the rest of Team USA went to the Olympics and came home with the gold medal."This is a huge challenge since I've never danced with someone before," Aly explains. And for this dance — especially as a fan of the Olympics — I always watch the women's gymnastics or swimming.Why not complete the look with Pia's bodycon skirt listed in the carousel below.Or take a look at a few cheaper alternatives from the high street. I was really proud of her tonight and it was my first time doing contemporary dance on the show, which was awesome because I grew up doing contemporary dance.

Co-star Ada Nicodemou was also seen walking alongside her at one point, although it's unclear if this was part of the scene, or in between takes.The lovable couple scored a 27/30 score — a 9 from each of the judges, which landed them at the top of the leaderboard in week four.But did they nab enough votes from America to dance another week?Sam walked shoe-less through a leafy clearing, likely near where her as-yet unnamed character crawled out of her wrecked four wheel drive.The beauty managed to convey an appropriate sense of dread and emptiness in the scenes, staring aimlessly and carrying her arms stiffly.

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