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Being arrested in October 1919 on behalf of Detroit authorities, Arena was wanted there as one of the shooters of Salvatore Giannola, one of Detroit’s reigning Mafia bosses.* Arrested a few days after Arena, in Arena’s Rochester home, was John Macalizzi, a confederate in the shooting.Both Arena and Macalizzi were identified by witnesses as the gunmen.

During the later part of the 1910s, Colletti lived in Rochester and, apparently, in other parts of the New York state and New Jersey.But it would also indicate the approval of the Bonannos was necessary for the Rochester Mafiosi to make changes in their leadership, or at least the Rochester Mafioso felt so.It is not exactly clear how both the Bonanno and Magaddino Families gained their influence in the Rochester area.But more assumable, Valachi overestimated the influence of New York’s Bonanno Family in Rochester, which it did turn out to have.**More then a decade after Valachi’s testimony, these ties became clear when several Rochester Mafia members sought the support and advice of the Bonanno Family when the Rochester group was facing internal leadership issues.To seek this support the Rochester mobsters must have been already familiar with at least some Bonanno Family members.

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