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I found sufficient contact information and politely messaged a senior manager and copied executives.My correspondence summarized my issues and included a copy of the original contact 6 June.This is an operation that is in dissarray and shame on you if you consider ordering one of their units.If you still choose to order a unit "caveat emptor" - buyer beware.The frustration is real - the initial customer service was digraceful, BUT YMax is not a scam nor ripoff and service can be excellent. I do a lot of international travel and it will save me hundreds of dollars if not thousands.And I really like the flexibility of being able to use either PC or regular phone to initiate calls. ______________________________ Jon "Not all those who wander are lost" - J. R Tolkien I just got out of my latest chat session with Magicjack and have been told the same thing I was told 3 weeks ago in regards to my refund.They have quite a bit of difficulty speaking and/or writing.They have done nothing but give me the run around and I have spent over four hours of time regarding trying to find out what happened to my order which was done and paid for on February 11, 2008.

Besides the endless waste of time and poor service, the one 'fix' suggested 100 minutes into the call caused worse problems.I was looking forward to using this and referring others to try, but right now I am speeaking out against it in all ways as I have experienced for myself.I dont recommend anyone to buy this for at least another couple years and maybe they can get things in order if the company lasts that long.They received my returned item on 03/27/08 and I have been getting "jacked" around since.My Magicjack wouldnt work and I went thru all the steps suggested by tech support which even included me spending more money.

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