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Your Ego manipulates you through your Thoughts and Feelings"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Einstein THIS VERY POPULAR WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU IF YOU WANT:- To make money doing what you love and are passionate about- To have great relationships with your partner, family and colleagues- A lifestyle of Freedom, Fun and Fulfilment - A happy healthy life with Vitality, Energy and Well-being Unleashing your Unique Genius is the only way to achieve all of the above and during this 1 day workshop you will learn how to unleash your Genius and create what you want easily.Try some of these great techniques that make your students do all the work! Forgot your reading glasses on the way to class and can’t read your hour-long lecture? Learn some great strategies to use with students so you can see learning taking place in spite of your blurred vision! On Course helps you re-discover the fun and excitement of learning and the influence educators can have on awakening the potential of an individual to overcome limitations and embrace the challenge of personal achievement and quality of life. An On Course 1 workshop will kindle enthusiasm for student-centred teaching among attendees, focus their attention on the REAL factors affecting student success, and give them a toolbox of practical ideas they can implement immediately. After experiencing 2 separate On Course workshops on our campus, I can truly attest to the fact that we saw revitalization and unification as a result of the training, the inspiration, and the camaraderie. And know what—my answer was provided more than I imagined. I think one of the most compelling reasons to attend an On Course conference is that it stimulates us as professionals, reminding us of our primary love of learning, which ignites us with possibilities and strategies to use in the classroom. The On Course Workshop does more than simply talk the talk about active learning; On Course leaders model strategies, engaging all participants in an active learning experience that is worth more than a hundred Power Point presentations. The On Course Workshop is life-changing, both personally and professionally.Being am ambassador is just “icing on the cake” in that the ideas just keep coming from other ambassadors (and myself). The On Course Workshop will provide strategies and tools you can use to ignite your students to achieve academic and life success but more importantly it will reignite your passion for teaching and learning! Professional and Personal Development is important, however, having them both occur simultaneously is extremely empowering not only to the individual, but also for the students served and the institutions in which we work. Basically: it makes us better, more engaged teachers, which in turn, causes us to create better, more engaged students! The best reason for attending an On-Course Workshop is that it makes the attendee (1) a better instructor (and person, in general) and (2) a better facilitator for helping his/her students become better students (and people, in general)! One of the greatest reasons that I can think of is that you become so absorbed in the workshop as a student that you really dive deeply into your own being and as a result have a much deeper understanding of what your students truly experience. Attend the On Course workshop if you want to experience the best professional personal development and the best personal professional development for your own life skills. It will not only inspire you to be the best educator you can possibly be, but it will also equip you with numerous tools to use with students.And your Ego is designed to keep you safe, secure and survive.Your Ego is made up of your self-sabotaging beliefs and strategies which you have accumulated over time from the past.DETAILS FOR THIS WORKSHOPWHEN: 20 January 2018TIME: 10h00 - 18h00WHERE: Millenium Gloucester, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LH THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM THIS WORKSHOP- The 3 Steps to Unleashing your Genius- How to Discover your True Purpose- How your Wound has been Sabotaging You - How to Transform Negative Emotions in Genius- Learn how to Master your Unique Talents- How to Create Wealth doing what you Love- How to Create a Vision that Motivates you - Discover why Modeling others leads to Compromise- Find out how you Sabotage your Money Making- How your Intuition and Imagination can Guarantee Success- Discover the Secret to Unconditional Love and Intimacy- Discover how to Turn Conflict in to Love- Learn how your Beliefs and Ego are Created- Identify the root cause of your Anger, Fear and Depression- How Perception, Thoughts and Feelings are Sabotaging you- Learn how to Attract your Soul Mate THIS IS WHAT TO DO NEXTAll you need to do is to register your free ticket to attend this event now. We offer various training and coaching programmes that are priced from £250. We practice authenticity because that is one of our highest values.All our past events have been oversubscribed so book your seat now to avoid disappointment. We do not use hard selling tactics because manipulation leads to resentment and guilt, which always leads to failures and stress at some point down the line.

On Course Workshops hosted by our campus provided opportunities for positive interaction and collaboration that never seemed likely before.

It provides you with a strong "how-to" overview of the entire training function: Needs Analysis, Design/Development, Delivery, and Evaluation.

You will leave the workshop confident and fully prepared to tackle any training assignment!

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

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