Teen online dating statistics

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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: As the digital world expands, teens’ digital diet will continue to grow.The question is: Will the content be a positive or negative use of time? Digital media can provide opportunities to learn, spark healthy interests, get inspired, and develop hobbies.This content includes TV programs, movies, videos, music, text messaging, gaming, social media, websites, newspapers, novels, and more.

The 2015 Fidelity Investments Couples Retirement Study analyzes retirement expectations and preparedness among 1051 couples (2102 individuals).Interest in hobbies decreased, as did physical activity, and time spent with friends. In 2015, teens averaged 7.5 hours of screen time every day.71% of teens have a television in their bedroom and watch up to 3 hours of TV a day.How does that digital diet fit in with other activities such as sleeping and homework?Digital consumption actually takes up more time than both of those as well.

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